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Baby got boobs presents: Busty Chick gets filmed while being fucked by her hubby

Scene Title: Shawna's hot sex tape

Storyline: The instant Shawna said to Sergio that she wished to enjoy a porno video along with him, he would not trust it. It happens she actually is truly in to porno. She actually stated it will be amazing to bang looking at a digicam!! Sergio realized this became his opportunity to bang Shawna and put it on record. Therefore he got her in another bedroom, had his digicam operating so she banged Shawna's huge round tits and tiny twat great!! Sexiest erotic record possibly...

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What people are saying about: Shawna Lenee - Shawna's hot sex tape babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

wow i've been a member of brazzers for a long time and this is some of the best shit i've ever seen the dude is lame but fuck shawna knows how to fuck and suck a cock

Comment #2

I love how this whore's nipples get so hard while she's sucking the cock! It's obvious she gets super horny to have a hard cock in her mouth and up her pussy.

Comment #3

God-damn I love the new talent Brazzers has been bringing in and Shawna is at the top of the list - and in the words of Ghostface: I would smash that pussy like baby aspirin. The idea was great, and the babygotboobs video itself was puled off wonderfully with Sergio's camera getting some time. He fucked her pretty well considering he had to do POV the entire time. Excellent work, one of the best overall scenes in a long time.

Comment #4

Geez Shawna is so fucking adorable with dimples. I liked the idea of this scene. It didn't bother me that one camera would get darker than the other cause you never really stayed on the one Sergio was holding. The volume fading in and out was alittle annoying. Plenty of good cowgirl though, gotta love that. I think Sergio would have done a better job fucking if he wasn't holding the camera. Love how cumshot was filmed. Perfect ending too. I been busted the same way. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

lol i just finished watching the scene... that ending was hilarious, i thot that was a good twist to make it seem interesting. this chick sucks cock like a fucking champ, absolutely amazing. and she got fucked pretty good by sergio, could have been better if you wanna get specific, but shes fucking hot. definately her best scene so far. 8/10 i love shawna

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