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Baby got boobs presents: Abbey Brooks gets nailed by her new algebra teachers big hard cock

Scene Title: Algebra Homework

Storyline: Abbey Brooks seemed to be getting certain issues with her latest algebra home work but the crazy point is her nearby neighbour happens to be an algebra professor, however he does not look very excited about getting her the solution immediately. Therefore the girl chosed to get him differently. Omg teacher Dundee had a shock as soon as she got out sone enormous boobs...

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What people are saying about: Abbey Brooks - Algebra Homework babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

I love Abbey Brooks. Bring her back for more, much more! I don't care much for the guy, never have, never will. The scenario was good, could have been a little bit better by changing a couple things, but still good. 8/10.

Comment #2

Great Body, great expressions. she enjoys entertaining us, obviously. A pity the guy shooting the HI-res pics didn't work it out so it serves such a beautiful model...Never seen so many poor and blurry shots. Fire that guy, why don't you? So NOTlike what Brazzers usually provides...whatta waste.

Comment #3

Yeah Abbey is thick, but her body language and face just scream; "sex!" When she does a scene it doesn't matter to me who the guy is because all my focus is on her and how great a show she puts on. I never really minded Nick; he seems to be out of his league with the females here, sort of how a lot of members would be if given a chance to bang one of these girls, and that amuses me.

Comment #4

Abbey was too much for Nick in this baby got boobs episode. I liked the whole teasing and foreplay to start. I don't care much for this guy at all. He seems to have trouble holding his load when hes fucking. Abbey was putting that young tight pussy on him. He couldn't keep up with her. She deserves better than him. Snoogans.

Comment #5

If you don't like this girl, well all I can say is there is something wrong with you. She's young, hot, has a great body, and her scenes are enthusiastic. She looks best with absolutely no clothes on. I'd download a video of her just running around naked, just to look at her. She is pretty. I hope you do more shoots with her.

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