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Scene Title: The Fixer Upper

Storyline: Talon just got dumped at the altar by his bitch fiancee and his two buddies want to help him rebuild his new life. That's when they ask for the services of construction girl Priscilla Milan to tighten the loose bolts and put the lead back in Talon's pen...

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What people are saying about: Priscilla Milan - The Fixer Upper babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Priscilla is one of these very few girls that may be too naturally pretty for porn. She reminds me of a young Marisa Tomei (sp). I'm normally not that into skinny girls like her but she really turns me on, despite her bad boobjob. The setup was aight, I'm not gonna complain, but the sex was pretty fucking hot. Her bj skills improved slighty since her last appearance but she still needs a lot of work. But like another member said, wtf is with this Talon idiot not getting the hint that she didn't want his fingers in her mouth? That aside, I think he fucked her good with some hot doggy goin on. Bring her back often, but ease up on the use of Talon.

Comment #2

Bottom line, I think everyone thinks this... She is very hot, the breast job was kinda awkward. It was like cody lane after the boob job. A little disappointing but whatever. These two had very poor chemistry. He kept trying to stick his finger in her mouth and she kept moving it, and the the fucker didn't get the hint. This babygotboobs video will get you off at the beginning, maybe even the middle, but compared to most scenes i give it a c. Not amazing (although her outfit is amazing in the beginning and she looks hot) but not bad(although the breast augmentation was a little unexpected). Honest review? I tried my best :).

Comment #3

I have to say that this "Talon" guy going all American Psycho on her quickly turned this short from erotica to comedy/wannabe snuff. Definitely one to laugh at. This dude has issues. Faces were priceless. Thanks for the laugh, Brazzers.

Comment #4

Yes Priscilla Milan is real hot. Kinda pissed about how this babygotboobs scenario was setup. The hard hat, wife beater, and daisy dukes all work fine. The tool belt was a complete waste. His boys hired her to fuck him back to normal. So where's the handcuffs, blindfold, or dildo/vibrator for him to use on her? She could have been like I hear you have a broken heart which gives you a soft dick. I'm gonna fix that area for you. The doggy had some good action. Nice the way it ended. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Don't listen to the hate, Priscilla Milan is a beautiful girl. Keep her coming back. What a beautiful girl.

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