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Baby got boobs presents: Lichelle Marie fucking her sisters boyfriends big hard cock

Scene Title: The bigger things in a relationship

Storyline: Lichelle always seems to steal her sister's friends boyfriends, but her sister told her that if she touches her boyfriend, it's going to be war. Lichelle couldn't care less because she knew her sister's boyfriend only wanted to get closer to her. Once the truth was let out, Lichelle sister's left in a blind rage , which gave Ralph the opportunity to finally get to play with those huge tits

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What people are saying about: Lichelle Marie - The bigger things in a relationship babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Her last scene was in April whats taking so long to bring her back we're reaching August come on!! Asses In Public she would be amazing there.

Comment #2

Lachelle was hot when she first appeared on Brazzers. In my opinion, that Botox really screwed up her appearance. And Brazzers, please find different locations. That "living room" with the red walls is getting SO OLD!

Comment #3

This babygotboobs scene was good. The sex was good, but not great. I would have liked to see some rougher sex. Ralph delivered a good load, but as many others are saying, it should have been shot elsewhere. I would've liked to see her swallow it. Lichelle is still hot too me, although, I don't think she needed or needs work done to her body. I hear she's getting bigger tits soon and I don't approve of that, they're a little too unrealistic for her body already. Nonetheless, this scene was decent. The sister wasn't bad looking either, it would have been hot to see a threesome. 8/10.

Comment #4

Yeah NocNoc I see what you mean about wanting fake in all parts of porn. Dude, Lichelle has almost fucked her face up completely. From her first scene to now, it's a damn shame. After funkdoc made his comment about her wearing the bank robber mask from "Set it off", I won't ever look at her the same. The sex was good to the last drop. Nice work by Autumn for jacking her Lichelle up at the end. 2 erect nips,

Comment #5

I don't understand the problem; I'm not paying to see a "real" or "real-looking" woman on the site at all. I want fake; I want botox, bleach-blonde hair, massive silicone tits, and rail-thin bodies. Everything else I can see right outside my door. If I was dating her or something, than yes, the ever-more plasticized face would bother me a bit, but I'm not here to date her. I'm here to jerk off to her. And I find it ridiculously hard to believe that, with a body like that, there's not plenty of us others out there doing that very thing to her...

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