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Baby got boobs presents: Big Titty chick fucks her boyfriends brother on April Fools

Scene Title: April Fools

Storyline: Cassandra has been doing a new magic for her man Ralph. The girl gets astonished as soon she went in on Ralph working on some thing really terrible. She went to his brother's home immediately after this event. As soon as she arrived , in some way Seth's dick finished up in Cassandra's throat in addition to cunt.

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What people are saying about: Cassandra Calogera - April Fools babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

This is one of those scenes you keep going back to; it has all the passionate fucking that is all too rare in porn. All too often, the sex is cold, contrived and unconvincing. Cassandra throws herself into the baby got boobs scenario and doesn't hold back. She has a few other good scenes but this by far deserves more than the 8.23 it's currently holding. I'd love to seen more work from her here.

Comment #2

this girl looks like your everyday girl next door. i like that, she looks like she would be at a bar about half drunk ready 4 u to make a move. when you did it's all over once you got back 2 yours or her place she would fuck and suck your brains out! she would probably ley you fuck her anywhere u wanted i like that quality in woman.

Comment #3

Cassandra is a Really Hot girl.I like her 'cause she's all Natural with a Pretty face,Nice Body with some Meat(that's sexy) and some Nice Natural Boobs(damn those Boobs).I think she has 1 of the Beautiful natural boobies right now. She really knows how 2 suck a dick(I like her Blow Job),she always know how to fuck & she talks dirty. The baby got boobs video was not bad at all but the Camera light was too strong(that messed up theView).As much as I don't like that seth I gottta give me credit 'cause he Fucked her Good. How long are you(Brazzers Staff) goin' 2 wait before gettin' her in another Scene(Big Boobs at school,Pornstars like it big,Big Boobs at work)with somebody with a Big Dick ? She is Good.

Comment #4

Ok, ok, i don't see why people are tripping about this Cassandra chick. Pussy is pussy, a mouth is mouth and a good titty fuck is a good titty fuck. Seriously dudes, it just all practice to me. A hole is a hole and whatnot. I mean i'll hook up with her even if the fact that she's a little too thick and decent in the face, it's only practice, thats why girls like Cassandra exist. A chick to practice with a few time. Why is she on porn, i don't know. But, whatever! Honesty they should've gotten her to blow the dude's head while he's titty fucking her. Other than that it's all good! I just jerked it to this and honestly it was good cumshot on my end, so two thumbs up Cassandra, nice fucking tits!

Comment #5

Cassandra is a natural woman all over. I think she is very nice and wonderful and when she is on the move, her body is really sexy as it is the motion of a natural body. The only thing wrong about this baby got boobs video is the dude. What a shitkicker. He is the ugly part. Not Cassandra, who I would like to see in other scene with a far better casting.

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