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Baby got boobs presents: Miss Lynn gets fucked hard doggy by a massive cock

Scene Title: Always go for Sexinyourcity

Storyline: Here's evidence of which gives you precisely the things you need!!! Zero dining, zero films, only fuck! Which is exactly what Jez discovered as soon as he found Krissy along with her couple of giving "mates".

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What people are saying about: Krissy Lynn - Always go for Sexinyourcity babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

ok i say this the dude sucked dam atleast put krissy with a real man that can fuck her good and hard dammit she so hot and them legg when she bends them and arches her feet down and cums dammit she hot atleast show her some respect and put her with a man that will pull her hair hard and fuck her pussy till she squirts cause i know she squirts cause i seen her in other scens on diff sits and i seen how rough she likes it so please give me more of krissy but put her with a real man ok she hot and i know she likes it rough so just respect her and give it to her and on another note dam stop jumping from scene to another just as it gets good ya jump scene god i just cant stand it i love the site and all but dam it seems like just a a lady get worked up the camera going of her or some place else i mean come on please just fix this ty

Comment #2

this girl is fucking hot. shes working really hard for this babygotboobs video, but thr guy is a total looser - grt rid of him and put krissy w someone who knows what theyre doing

Comment #3

I agree with evertone else. I didn't mind the gus looks, limp pecker, just the simple fsct that he would not shut up. I couldn't focus, and it was beyond annoying. This girl is amazing and a really god scene down the drain because of this loud mouth.

Comment #4

Really sad. This girl is HOTTT, but we have to sit here and watch this limp-dicked idiot with the stupid name Try to fuck this babe for over 30 minutes. Very aggravating (and I'm sure it was no fun for her either). You know, as easy as it is to blame the male talent when a scene with this much potential goes wrong, I also think we should put blame with whoever was in charge of this shoot (i.e. the director). The babygotboobs video should have stopped filming until either the male talent was ready to go, or he was replaced. Instead you take a great scene that had great potential and was funny to boot, and turned it into crap because the sex was lame.

Comment #5

Okay, I really believe Krissy Lynn is the next big thing. This girl is straight ca$h money, and for a number of reasons. Yeah she's hot, and I'm not even into blondes. The fake cans, hips and ass are all there like most girls, but her presence on-screen along with her energy and subtle dirt-talk are just superb. On top of that, she knocked out a winner here with this "Oasis roadie" (as jjustjjohn1 put it so brilliantly). Seriously ZZ, this guy is no good. I'm very rarely critical of the males, but not only could he not keep his hard-on, he looks like he's 86 and his broken record of "aahh yeah" was splitting my eardrums. Get rid of him. The story was hilarious and Hailey played her part well, and I hope you keep booking this chick. WERDDD

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