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Baby got boobs presents: Sara Vandella tackles a huge cock at summer break

Scene Title: SPRING BREAK me open

Storyline: This has been an extended college session and the only thing Sarah wishes to make might be laying on a seaside, partying as well as getting fucked. Because she's pretty much started the party she holds the very first sexy male she spots and therefore gets shagged

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Comment #1

Granted, her BJ skills are top notch and I've got no issues with Sarah...I was just wondering if anyone else noticed what I did. Just as Scott pulls out and is about to pop all over her face, they were laying on a pink towel and Sarah had at least 1 green earring on in her left ear. Then 5 seconds later, he's droppin loads on her face, the towel is blue and striped, and her earring was gone... What the hell?! I guess it doesn't really matter, just thought it was strange. I guess the first pop wasn't good enough so they did it over...lucky guy!

Comment #2

Holy Crap!!! This girl can deep throat! This is one hellava babygotboobs video. This Sarah chick is Great! Not too mention the regular teriffic job that Scott does. Wow!!!

Comment #3

I don't care if she's not a perfect '10' she gives one of the best blow jobs i've seen in the biz. keep it coming!

Comment #4

Alright Hef when you throw Holly, Bridget, and Kendra out of the house. Look no further than Sarah Vandella as one of the replacements. Besides bringing sexiness to the show, she will add being deranged and hysterical. Just from her last scene I could tell she was wanting Scott all to herself. One of the best things about Sarah is that she looks like she got fucked after a scene. Hair is fucking nappy and make-up is running. She's not much on talking or moaning. She has got the scream down though. She took his cock down her throat as if it were the Grand Canyon. That wasn't the only thing she took down her throat either. Snoogans!

Comment #5

This chick reminds me of my last EX......she go's off her nut to please her man.....and you dont have to tell her what to do....coz she is aways 2 steps infront. I LOVE a women that licks her nipps.....and can take a dick that deep. No wonder i am still single.....its coz of women like this.......once you have had it soooo good......its hard to find a replacement......:(

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