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Baby got boobs presents: Sexy Tory Lane LOVES the big cock that penetrated her really tight wet hole

Scene Title: Tory's back for more!

Storyline: Well well well...looks like Tory Lane just needed to come back for another hard fucking! We gave her a bit more of a royal treatment, considering she's one of our favourites, and had her go in the hot tub. She showed off those amazing tits and needed a cock right away!This little horny slut was just aching to go back inside to get that tight pussy and ass pounded...and she loved every minute of it! Our boy Andy was barely able to finish her off as he showered those huge busty tits. All we can say is that it's always a pleasure having Tory back!

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What people are saying about: Tory Lane - Tory's back for more! babygotboobs video

Comment #1

I have to second what Chase said. This is the first scene I have bothered to comment on as I beleive Tori is worth it. I'm not really into the anal or choking thing, but I am into watvhing a girl really get off on a dick and I believe Tori really knows how to get herself off, she just needs the right partner. She could call me anytime!

Comment #2

perfect pornstar-tory lane although the camerans angles were very poor, especially in the anal...and themale wasn't up to much either tory needs bigger and better!

Comment #3

I think she is one dirty whore! She loves it rough. The babygotboobs video might not have been that good but that's because the guy sucked. She is always ready to get fucked hard, choked and gagged ... you just have to take control of her. I love when she is flat on her stomach and the dude pounds her from behind and she is choking herself!! What what a whore. I would most certainly fuck her silly!!!!

Comment #4

That bitch has an amazing ass!! Little cunt looks good in cut off jeans!!! Needs to gag on cock more! Make her choke and throw up all over my cock!!! Then make the whore clean it up!! Slap her around a bit for puking on my cock!! Little stupid twat!! Fucking whore!!

Comment #5

Think she's hot as hell, and a sex machine.....i just hate some of the wierd faces' she makes. still bone her 23 hours a day.

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