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Scene Title: The Return of The Mooch

Storyline: Topanga Fox is trying to have a nice dinner with her boyfriend, but when his rude and intruding roommate won't leave them alone, the two lovers decide to finish their dinner at a restaurant. Returning from the restaurant, Topanga is finally ready to give it all up to her man. Just as things begin to get hot and heavy, in comes the mooch and he's looking for a little action of his own.

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What people are saying about: Topanga Fox - The Return of The Mooch babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

what a great plot !!! a real turn on!!! kudos to the writer for this this is the mind play that keeps you tuned in more than dumb blondes who are hot but hardly present in the scene.

Comment #2

You guys rock for bringing in new chicks on BabyGotBoobs. Topanga has some physical features to Savannah Gold. This story was more annoying than anything. At least the extra got to play with her titties some even though he couldn't sell that he was pissed at Levi for interrupting. I thought she locked the door too? He left his naked chick in a room with Levi...seriously. Not sure if she had oral skills since he never appeared to look hard. I'll give him some credit cause he's certainly hot. He really tried to give a good scene but it lacked. The cowgirl variations were alright. The doggy and mish weren't much to get excited about. The piledriver was decent. Terrible cumshot if most of it was meant to land on the pillow. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Topanga is damn hot, but both of the guys in this video are fucking annoying as hell. I hope they quit straight porn today and go back to exclusively blowing each other because I never want to see these lame douche nozzles again. Also, what's with the 20 seconds of black screen from 9:29 to 9:49? It's a shame Topanga gets shit co-stars and lousy editing. She deserves better.

Comment #4

if we can't get Savannah Gold back, this chick'll do... but her and Savannah playing a cock swapping sister sandwich, with maybe Holly Halston as a cock hungry mom, fuck... I'm gonna go jerk off now.

Comment #5

I agree with everyone else, a scene with Memphis and this lovely lady would be awesome.

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