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Scene Title: Dressing the Part

Storyline: Taylor was going to a hot party. So she decided to go to her friends house to pick out an outfit. The thing is her friend had to leave for work and she left her all alone in the house with her brother. Now Taylor does have a little crush on her friends brother and when he came in the room looking for his sister ,Taylor didn't waste anytime. The next thing that happened was that the two of them were fucking like wild animals on the sister's bed.

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What people are saying about: Taylor Chanel - Dressing the Part babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

This girl knows how to finish off a cock! All the other porn stars ought to take a lesson from her on money shots. If this doesn't do it for you, then you are GAY.

Comment #2

I like Taylor, and she does have a nice set of tits on her. Only real complaint I can think of is the acne on her face. I understand if she can't help that, but it's a hell of a turn-off for me. Other than that, this babygotboobs scene was straight.

Comment #3

Kudos to Taylor and her supporting actress for talking you know...like normal people. Horrible edit job twice(rev cowgirl & final BJ)during this scene. The second lingerie was the best out of the three by far. Actually glad to see a guy look nice without wearing a suit. When Joey came through the door, I wish Taylor and him went smoother. The sex just seemed kinda of rushed. Joey I'm giving you a foul tip only for what you did during mish. the action got really quiet before the facial and I didn't like that. As for the facial, super job dude. I guess members are happy that she jerked him off. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #4

The scene started out really hot, I loved the fact she was trying on different outfits. Although, I never saw a girl go to a party in outfits like that, they looked more like pajama's. Unless it was a lingerie/pajama party, which was never meantion, I would have used different clothes. The conversation seemed really realistic, but I think you shouldn't have rushed into the sex so fast. I think you should have had it brought up, in some way, that her brother is a virgin (possibly having Taylor tell her friend in an annoyed tone that here brother is a senior in high school and still a virgin) because she's so protective of him. Then when he walks in, have her seduce him, instead of pulling him in and whipping her boobs out. I don't think she was feeling the sex as much as she could have. At first I was thinking you were going to shoot the whole scene with his dick limp, but then I was able to gather from your shit editing, that the guy realized the scene would suck, so took a moment (off camera) to get himself hard. Those bruises on Taylor were a turn off, everytime I saw one, I ended up thinking about someone beating her or trying to come up with an explanation for the bruises being there. I'm assuming it's from a scene for sites like Hogtied or something, but I still hate to see her all bruises up. She's got a couple blemishes on her face, but she's still a good addition to Brazzers. Her boob job is fucked up though, her right tit is slightly worse than her left, but her nipple's aren't centered, they stick out to the sides. Taylor, go see Dr. Sal Colabro, he'll do the job right. That's one major reason why I'm against boob jobs, unless you need them, but if you have a natural large B or bigger, I don't recommend it, but if you're going to get one, you gotta get it done right, by a good doctore, not just any doctor you can find. To end this comment, she didn't seem too happy about having to suck dick for 7 minutes at the end of the scene. The guy looked like he wasn't completely in the scene, maybe he was having an off day or was feeling under the weather, but the chemistry was missing. I thought the scene could have been better, and the build up to the brother should have occured more like I described above, but overall it was decent. I'll give it a 7/10 .

Comment #5

This was an a'ight update. Taylor is about as average as a pornstar comes nowadays; she's an OK-looking girl (6 out of 10, maybe), with a good (not great) body, and a serious lack of on-camera skills. I found her blowjobs to be especially average-looking. She does, however, have GREAT tits, so she gets a pass from me. And as always, I am in total awe of the notion that you can take a totally average girl, dye her hair blonde, cake on some makeup, and fill her A-cup tits with D-cup silicone and make hundreds of men stroke. Amazing.

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