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Baby got boobs presents: Shawna Lenee having makeup sex with a total stranger

Scene Title: Break Up Sex

Storyline: Seth was having a nice afternoon and he ran into his ex-girlfriend Shawna. They got talking about the past and present when Shawna mentioned that they hadn't had proper break up sex. Minutes later they were off to fuck like high school sweethearts in heat.

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What people are saying about: Shawna Lenee - Break Up Sex babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

This was a hot scene between the two of them. I like Seth because when he does a scene he eats pussy while playing with the actresses breasts. Listen up guys this is the way to eat a womans pussy by throwing your face into it and taking it home!!!!!!!

Comment #2

The setup was a good idea, just not executed all that well, especially that one moment in the car here the camera was completely on Seth. That should never happen. It is absolutely INSANE how sexy Shawna is and she should be in the shot at all times; an instant boner wiht this girl. She sucks a great dick and fucks like a champ. Good ending too...sequel?

Comment #3

It's about damn time Shawna is getting a nine ratings again. She puts in good effort not to get a nine every time. The setup was wrong. If they are a couple that were together and still friendly. Where was the hug? Was the conversation repeating itself? I can get over the fact that the car scene got fucked up. Seth actually did a good job of keeping up with her and pulled off a different move (plus). Love how the babygotboobs video ended.

Comment #4

It's always good to have a new Shawna scene, she has a good mix of cute and sexiness really well. It's weird but I would like to see her in a different scenario, like a threesome or a group sex scene. The sex in this one was good but not one of her best, the best part was the reverse cowgirl, those breasts are a thing of beauty.

Comment #5

everything was good about the scene accept for the cum shot. i wish shawna would have taken a facial and then cleaned seth up a little. shawna is turning into a great performer though

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