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Baby got boobs presents: Sara Vandella fucks her friends bothers huge dick

Scene Title: Bad influence

Storyline: Mickey knows Sara is a big slut and he always thought she was a bad influence for his sister. So when he found out Sara was going to make his sister work at the strip club she works for, he said he would tell his parents. Sara knew the only way to make him keep the secret was to let him fuck her hard and cum all over her pretty face and big juicy boobs...

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What people are saying about: Sarah Vandella - Bad influence babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Sarah Vandella deserves much more than what this guy gave her. She has everything it takes to make a 10 rating scene everytime but this guy ruined it. It would have been better off as a solo scene. keep bringing her back though

Comment #2

I have to say sarah Vandella makes every scene better. her Innocent face and not so innocent demeanor is a huge turn-on. This babygotboobs video would have been better if it was a lesbian scene between the two girls. But instead you put Sarah with her friends douche bag brother. I hate this guy...he reminds me of TT Boy and that dude was a douche bag too. He isn't that impressive and my cock is bigger than his. Every time I see this guy I wanna shoot him in the face with a bazooka. He's a dumb ass!!! More Sarah less douche bag.

Comment #3

Is the other chick from this scene a porn star?..And if she is, what's her name?

Comment #4

It's about time you brought Sarah Vandella back, but this still wasn't a great scene. The sex wasn't all that great, I would have liked to have scene them lick some pussy when pulling each others outfits down. Bring Sarah back ASAP, but put her in Big Tits At School or Pornstars Like It Big. So far I still think her best scene was the Big Tits At Work scene, this was her second best. I'm not big on Mikey though, would have liked to see her take a bigger cock, she's already been paired with him. 8/10.

Comment #5

I have a very different reaction to this scene -- I thought it was superb! The girls are sexy and I LOVE the slutty outfits. I'd love to see ALL of the women on this site dressed in a similar fashion -- especially in public. I gave this scene a 10, and then viewed Sarah Vandella's 2 other scenes for Brazzers and thought they were great, too (especially the one with Trina Michaels. So, obviously, it's impossible to please everyone all the time, but after months of DISsatisfaction on my part, I've been very content with Brazzers' recent re-emphasis on the beautiful women and their voluptuous bodies, concurrent with a much-appreciated DE-emphasis on the male performers -- who in my opinion, should be relegated to the background as much as possible. I always viewed Brazzers as a a shrine to ineffably sexy women, and I'm glad to see a return in recent weeks to that philosophy.

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