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Scene Title: Home Alone and No One to Do!

Storyline: Robyn’s dad leaves for the day and now Robyn and her friend have the whole house to themselves. They decide to go out and find some guys to bring home but are unsuccessful. Once they’re back home they realize that they already have what they’ve been looking for right in front of them…Tommy the gardener.

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What people are saying about: Robyn Truelove - Home Alone and No One to Do! babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

On a scale of 1-10 this babe is so far above a 10 it's not funny. Even her face turns me on and that little skirt and tube top, my God what a turn on. Please show lots more of her.

Comment #2

OK, I thought the babygotboobs video was good and all, but DAMN, why did they have to leave the black chick out. I know about every other comment was about the black chick not being in it, so here's one more. I would have loved to see Tommy wear that pussy out, It would truly redeem himself after flopping on the last scene he did with Abbey. He should have gotten into that scene a little deeper.

Comment #3

Wow, with the exception of her boob job, she is pretty hot. Her accent bothered me at times, but only when she said certain words. Her boob job is alright, not great, but they're not odd shaped like Crista Moore's tits. I liked the car ride with her tits out (AIP hopefully?) and the scenario was alright. I think Ralph would have been better for the male role, he would have made the lawn mowing clip seem funny, Tommy's reaction was pretty delayed. I was into the black chick all that much, kinda glad she wasn't in the scene. Would like to see more of Robyn. The babygotboobs sex line was average, as MaryJane said, Tommy has to step it up, his last couple scenes have featured some pretty weak sex. Robyn kept telling him to pound her and he kept stopping, it was obvious she wanted a better pounding. Overall, the scene was good, but not great. Robyn needs some more scene though. 8/10.

Comment #4

My first look at Robyn and she is truly an attractive chick. Her smile just lit up the screen. At first I was wondering what was the point of the car drive. It was a good way to implant the voyeur of them changing clothes. Robyn pulled one of my tricks to get a friend away so I can take care of business. I hate to say this cause I think Tommy is a good performer. He really needs to step game back up. His last two scenes have been pretty weak. I watched the Abbey scene twice and never got excited. He's usually pretty solid in doggy but hasn't been since Charisma scene. The other good doggy was cause Priya was grabbing her ankles. I'm sure Robyn will be back to showcase her skills.

Comment #5

Why do people always do this ?. Two hot chicks in a scene but only one of em gets fucked. If it was the black girl getting fucked everyone would be saying "whos the white chick she should be in the scene ?".

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