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Baby got boobs presents: Ricki White putting a huge cock between her massive titties

Scene Title: Doing a friend a favor...

Storyline: Ricki needed help fixing things around the house so Talon offered her a hand. He was going crazy watching Ricki's big tits bounce while changing the light bulbs. He wanted to fuck those tits badly, so he asked her to let him put his cock between them. Ricki not only let him fuck her tits, she also made him cum all over her big tits and face.

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What people are saying about: Ricki White - Doing a friend a favor... babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Ricki has such a great ass. I wish she never got a boob job. Real girls equal real sexy!!! too many girls get loads of tattoos and fake tits...More power to Ricki and her round bubble butt.

Comment #2

Riki is HOT!! hire me for a scene with her!! ps get moe UK girls on ere

Comment #3

I notice that Jayden James and Ricki Raxx read the comment sections and actually comment themselves. Given that Ricki White still says her same 5 key words during robotic scenes, one can only assume that Ricki White never reads the comments.

Comment #4

Ricki's an average looking girl, and her scenes are usually decent, but this scene wasn't her best. Most likely it's Talon, since he's ruined just about every scene he's been in. The babygotboobs scenario was average, and the sex was average. The scene was alright, but nothing special. It could have been a lot better. 7/10.

Comment #5

I don't know what it is, but Rikki turns me on something awful. I think it's a combo of her ditziness and voice. It's about damn time we saw her for some normal MF action. I love all the tit-play here, something you guys need to to more, especially on the "boob" sites. The sex was good, but Rikki has done better. Either Talon is the worst actor ever, or he's borderline retarded, cuz in this scene it seemed like he was missing some brain cells. But RIkki did the job for me so it was cool.

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