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Baby got boobs presents: Jordan Jagger takes a giant cock up her tight pussy

Scene Title: Big Tits are Wonderful!

Storyline: Jordan is trying to get a good sweat today jogging through the park but her tits are so big that it hurts when she runs. Ralph who was running along the same path notices her stop and looking quite upset. So Ralph tries to find out what's wrong and she spills the beans that she can't stand her big breasts. Ralph explains to her what most men already know...Big Tits are absolutely wonderful!Ralph offers to show her how wonderful he thinks her tits are. He worships those tits as if they were holy, fucking them, oiling them, messaging them and cums all over them as well!

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What people are saying about: Jordan Jagger - Big Tits are Wonderful! babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

i scoured all over brazzers for this babygotboobs scene. come on people, you've got to rate this higher than a 8.9. it's got to be an instant classic. story was stupid, i'll admit. but the fucking was intense and the camera angles were on point. i am a little biased because i am an ass man...and man, that ass is spectacular. for some reason, this scene is a lot better than her other one. dare i say because of ralph long but i'll admit he was sticking it to her though. give me more jagger so i can judge!

Comment #2

Thatswhy real is better,the fake ones are so fim and hard you can't wrap them around anything.The cumm shot was hot though,but,once again the camera guy just can't decide where the best angle is,thus,not staying anywhere for more than 2 seconds,and don't they have cameras that eliminate that herky jerky shit?lord knows you have the money for one,dumb ass! s

Comment #3

here was only 3 things i loved about this scene: 1. GREAT ASS! 2. HOLY TITS (the scars were bad but not noticeable) 3. the cowgirl was awesome because i love her great ass. other than that, everything else sucked: 1. the scenario was stupid (how did she JUST realize that her big tits are a cause of back problems?) 2. i didnt like the oil on her tits... it seemed pointless. 3. sex should have been rougher... gotta give it all you have to those brit bitches, they love it rough.

Comment #4

Wow! Jordan body is fucking off the hook! What a great set of tits & fucking Phat ass! get in back in the studio for more! Gangbang,...DP.......Amazing porn star!

Comment #5

I thought this chick had a hot body, I loved her ass. Her accent was bearable, but those scars on her tits were not. I hate when girls ruin their bodies with bad boob jobs. The scenario was average, the sex was decent. I think she'd be best suited for Big Wet Butts. I think Ralph is one of the better male talents you have, but I would have liked to see her really get pounded in this scene, some ass slapping would be nice on this girl. Overall, 7/10.

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