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Baby got boobs presents: Jaclyn Case pissed off at her boyfriend fucks her neighbour as revenge

Scene Title: Getting even!

Storyline: Jaclyn Case's boyfriend is going to Brazil to shoot porn. She knows that he is going to be fucking girls over there and that made her so angry!! She decided to call her neighbor Kurt to come over to her place and fuck her hard!! Kurt, of course, wouldn't miss the chance to fuck his hot busty neighbor so he showed up at her place fast and gave her the pounding of her life!!

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What people are saying about: Jaclyn Case - Getting even! babygotboobs video

Comment #1

Just decided to watch this one again for the hell of it, and I still *LOVE* Jaclyn's new tits!! I am continually amazed that we live in a world where womebn can go from flat-chested to huge-breasted just by dropping a couple thousand. God bless plastic tits, and please ladies, keep investing in them!!!

Comment #2

This chick is hot, yeah she has some acne to get rid of, but she's still hot. I'm amazed that Brazzer's could produce a good scene that had Kurt in it. This is a first, and probably a last. It'd be worth bringing Jaclyn back for more scenes in the future. 9/10

Comment #3

Great babygotboobs update...Ms. Case is a pretty sweet piece of ace. I could stand the acne, I mean you can't have it all, right? As for Kurt...he is the man. Most of the other guys on here are Massengills. Kurt keep knockin' em down. Oh, and does anybody know what happened to Flower Tucci?

Comment #4

Yes she is a cute girl but did they stop making Oxy. She is not bad at fucking and can deep throat really well. Kurt if you ever smacked my face like you did her. I would cut your balls off sew them to your bottom lip. Now it would look like you had a dick in your mouth. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I'm glad to see Jaclyn finally get her own solo shot; she's yet another example of a cute girl who looks better with implants. I remember seeing her in a video about a year ago (at a competitor's site) and thinking, "she is really hot," but that was about it. Seeing her now? I unzipped my pants and thought, "thank you GOD for fake tits..." =P

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"FUCK ME! I really dig this Jaclyn Case babe!
How much do I have pay to see the full length movie?
Only 1 lousy dollar?
27 sites included?
Fuck Yeah, Show Me Where!"

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