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Baby got boobs presents: Busty Isis MOnroe fucks the burglar

Scene Title: Break Into My Daughter

Storyline: When a local crook is on the lookout for some houses to rob, he spots big-titted Isis sitting out on her front step. He decides to put a temporary hold on his pillaging to try and get closer to that set of knockers. Fortunately for him, Isis' father takes a liking to the crook and offers to let him stay over for the night. When Isis discovers that their house guest is actually a criminal, she decides to take the situation into her own hands (And his dick into her holes).

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What people are saying about: Isis Monroe - Break Into My Daughter babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

what a body on her! fucking smokin'

Comment #2

She looks MUCH better than Jayden James. Please bring her back alot =)

Comment #3

I thought Joey Silera was behind the camera and not in front of it. The story reminded me of the RoXXX/Ralph Long scene. I'm really disappointed that Mike didn't eat pussy. He eats pussy like an artist paints. It's safe to say that her oral skills were horrible maybe cause of his girth. I just couldn't figure out why keep going back to it. I wasn't impressed by one position in the whole scene. The titfuck to the cumshot wasn't even all the good either. She not a bad looking chick but she needs to work on being in front of a camera more. I can't believe she doesn't even know how to place her hands when riding cock. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Don't get it fucked up! Carmella, Phoenix, and Shyla are totally excluded from this statement, but, "Why the fuck do you white boys trip over shaven pussies?" Give me a hairy pussy and I will "pl,ow" that shit like Moses @ the Red Sea!!! Believe that. I have a 1 year contract with Brazzers and I can't wait until it's due. BUSH!!! people! The thing that real women have. ALL SHAVEN PUSSIES LOOK THE SAME AND IT'S BORING AS FUCK! Where is the hairy pussy site Brazzers?

Comment #5

The scene was alright, I'm more curious how you were able to get Charles Manson to play the father.

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