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Baby got boobs presents: Luscious tits getting a poundage after a break up

Scene Title: The Break Up

Storyline: Eva simply had been dumped so had been going in a playground as Ralph kinda noticed her. Given that she had been moping and crying he wondered what precisely has been wrong. Eva knows that Ralph became a great audience therefore she asked him to her home, praying her folks would not be there... they were not. Once they are indoors Eva decides to get comfy, the guy seemed to be astonished at her gorgeous boobs in addition to the entire teen shape...

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Comment #1

I was thinking the ame thing as MaryJane, why have her grab a bike if she's going to walk it over to the park? lol. However, I didn't mind the flower plucking, thought it gave it more of a "teen" feel. The sex was good, loved the hair pulling. I thought they worked good together. Eva is so fucking hot, it's always good to see her in a scene. Only gripe is the sex could have been rougher, 9/10

Comment #2

Why the hell was she walking a bike? Now that was a really dumb setup. Plucking flowers come on Brazzers you're better than that. I will be glad when all of the scenes with Ralph have his hair gone. I'm tired of looking at that mop. Now the sex on the other was all Eva like francisco said. Her moaning and her talking to him ass he fucked her sold the sex for me. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #3

Good babygotboobs video, better than the last Eva scene. She is the kind of girl that gets your attention from the first moment you see her, she has that charming personality, doesn't hurt she is hot. The guy did ok but Eva carried the scene for the most part. and as always she has that great smile on the end. She really enjoys her job.

Comment #4

She is one of my favorites, and Ralph is a great at acting goofy.

Comment #5

she looks really hot in this. Normally that bloke justs manages to fuck everything up but on this occassion has done ok

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