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Scene Title: Johnny Law on the Chase

Storyline: Charley was excited to be spending the day with her boyfriend as he had something special planned for the two of them. Charley was under the impression they were going to eat but her boyfriend brings her up to the mountains in hopes of finally getting to bang her. Charley refused saying she wasn't ready to have sex but he wasn't hearing a word of it and was really forcing himself on her. Officer Johnny arrived on the scene and handcuffed to the boyfriend. When Officer Johnny saw Charley and those big natural tits he used his badge to get where her boyfriend couldn't.

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Comment #1

this is one of the best pornmovies i have seen in this site so far! i love the baby got boobs full scenes cause i could see both performers from head to toes!! that's really hot!!! i give the cameraman a 10 ppoint n 110 % well done movie!!! This kind of scenes we need!!!! i wish that whoever directed or filmed this movie would give some advice to the other directors or even cameramen to film their movies this way! that would be awsome!! thank u n keep up the good work!!! Johnny Sins as always was perfect!!!! He is #1!!!

Comment #2

This scene was hot! I really liked the outdoor location and the wide camera angles were great because we could see Charley from head to toe during the sex. I thought the scene scenario was super hot and watching Charley getting fucked by Johnny right in front of her boyfriend was smokin hot!!!

Comment #3

Some of the comments about how horrible the scene is because of the outdoorsiness, or hairiness, or, camera angle, etc, blah blah, fails to see the raw sexuality and beauty of the actress who does a superb job getting her partner off like a champ. This is a great scene that if playful, passionate, and done outdoors. Brazzers always gets it right, in my book.

Comment #4

This scene was very funny, Johnny played the douchebag cop nicely with his "F this and F that". Charley's "boyfriend" was funny too. Charley is smokin hot and I would have preferred if she was shaven but whatever.

Comment #5

This is one of the best brazzers scenes ever. Superb!! 9/10 The only critics I have on this girl that she needs to shave. I didn't like the bush other then that super!!

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