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Scene Title: Everyone's Favourite Visitor...

Storyline: Today, we promised our boy CJ that we had a special guest coming over! CJ thought it was his birthday because he definitely didn't expect to see CARMELLA BING!!! So after getting those huge amazing boobies wet in the hot tub...CJ took this busty slut inside where she pounded his hard cock deep in that tight pussy. CJ just couldn't resist keeping those hands off those gigantic tits and especially couldn't resist blowing his huge load all over them either!!! Wow...what more can you say about fucking CARMELLA BING!

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What people are saying about: Carmella Bing - Everyone's Favourite Visitor... babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Now that is an actress..making it seem like she was getting fucked by a big dick..well at least the guy had big balls to be in a porn video with Ms Bing with that small thing..

Comment #2

The baby got boobs video is ok....I do love all the pics MUCH MUCH more. And I do love the FD DENNY heel/sandal she wears in the pics...too bad she didn't wear them in the video. I hope she wears the same pair in another video/photo shoot.

Comment #3

Another great scene from this sites secret weapon. I think there is so much more to come from carmella her recent scene from BWB with Shyla has shown us she can do it with the best.

Comment #4

All I can really say is Carmella is a one fine lady but her acting along with sienna needs to be upgraded a bit. But hey its porn its not the oscar Keep her coming back for more

Comment #5

Carmella's superb -- it's the babygotboobs videomakers who fell down on this shoot. When you've got a star as tall, sexy and voluptuous as Carmella Bing, don't bury her behind some guy; give her plenty of space to strut her stuff. What's needed here is more tease, especially those camera-looking-upright shots that make almost any sexy girl look sexier, and can make a statueque beauty like Carmella look like an indomitable powerhouse.

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