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Scene Title: Big Tit Awareness

Storyline: Enzo is trying to enjoy a nice quiet moment with his favorite website, but is constantly being interrupted by the doorbell. Luckily for him Britney Amber rings his doorbell trying to raise money for her big tit awareness cause, which makes him not need Brazzers anymore.

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What people are saying about: Britney Amber - Big Tit Awareness babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Mother fucking fuckers. I can't believe how many of you closet homos bitch more about the dude than the heaps of praise for the girls. You would rather see Britney Amber and others just take a vibrator and get themselves off? Fuck no, you'd then bitch some girl needs a real cock. So they get some stunt cock and you all bitch (get some new talent, no Billy Glide/Keiran Lee/etc etc etc) how he should fuck off. For me and others that don't give a rat's ass who the stunt cocks are, all we wanna see is the girls get a good pounding, that's what we paid for.

Comment #2

This is the first comment I've ever made.. but I have to agree with a lot of you. I was excited to see Britney in a new video from baby got boobs - she is gorgeous.. But the guy sucked. I could really care less what the guy does, generally - but I don't want to see some dude stroking himself over and over again because he can't keep it up! You're a porn star dude! In my opinion, a guy can't make a scene better, but he sure can make it worse. I'd love to see more of Britney, get her in a scene with someone who knows what they are doing.

Comment #3

So many things went wrong in this update from baby got boobs. Way too much of Enzo going on for my taste. He isn't that attractive to begin with. His cock damn near stayed limp through out the whole baby got boobs video. The director either gotta tell him to move his fucking arm or get that camera in better position. I'm not paying for softcore. Britney was the only bright spot in scene. Granted that armpit sweat was fucking gross. I know South Beach heat can be a muhfucker but damn get her in some A/C before the shoot happens. It's said that his hardest moment was during the titfuck in the chair. Mish was horrible and the doggy wasn't much better until she got him more into it. She fucking rocked that cowgirl like an Ozzy concert. At least he did shoot a monster load of cum on her. He finally did something right. Snoogans!

Comment #4

This girl can do more tricks on a 6" dick than a monkey can on a 6' rope. True talent. More please.

Comment #5

Well, Britney finally made her way back to Brazzers and she didn't disappoint. She was adorable at times during this baby got boobs video and because of that, she kind of carried the scene. This new guy, and I don't mean to make fun of him, is just a distraction and ultimately a turn off in any scene he's in. He didn't give her a proper fucking, it was kinda plain and mundane at times. The sex wasn't anything spectacular. But what distracts me is his hand. I've always been grossed out by amputee's and to see it in porn is makes it harder to focus because everytime his hand was away from sight it would end up visible again. On top of that, her pit stains were a slight turn off, but not that big of a deal in the end. I want to see more of Britney Amber, and hopefully one day she'll get a proper fucking. The guy should be used for your site Big Tits Like Amputee's if or when you come out with it (and I wouldn't put it past you, since you're featuring some in your scenes...) It was funny in the beginning, and overall, the scene was alright. I feel like Britney was responsible for that though. The sex could have been better. Probably the best fuck he gave her in this scene was the last position she was in before he came...which also brings me to my next plea...quit using the same cum shots. I've been with Brazzers for 4 years now (different usernames) and I am so sick of the same scene endings. I could go 10 years without seeing another facial or tit cumshot because I've seen so many of them. Do more creampies (vaginal & anal) or swallowing endings..mix shit up a bit.. 8/10..for Britney

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